Capacity building activities carried out by ISARIC

By Peter Horby (ISARIC) - April 2024

Peter Horby provides an insight into how capacity building is inherent in everything ISARIC, a global federation of investigator led clinical research networks, does.

ISARIC’s mission is to generate and disseminate clinical research evidence; whenever and wherever infectious disease outbreaks occur or are a threat. The pillars of ISARIC’s capacity building activities are clinical research, training and education, and communication and dissemination. Through these activities, ISARIC seeks to accelerate the mobilisation of a clinical research response during epidemics and the generation of evidence that will save lives. In addition to connecting 55 member networks spanning over 100 countries, ISARIC works closely with WHO to host international scientific exchange during major outbreaks and links global partners in health security with the ISARIC clinical research networks.

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