Working Group

Data Sharing

Improving funder policies to facilitate open science

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Duduzile Ndwandwe, SA MRC
  • Co-Chair: Alice Norton, GloPID-R Scientific Secretariat


Aims & objectives

  • Support research response during public health emergencies through the development of data sharing systems.
  • Feed into the WHO R&D Blueprint developed to accelerate and coordinate preparedness and response research during public health emergencies.


Data and knowledge sharing are critical to ensuring evidence-based decision making during public health emergencies. Particularly during infectious disease outbreaks, data and knowledge sharing can facilitate research into new interventions for pandemic threats and accelerate the delivery of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. Despite the importance of data sharing, it remains a challenge, especially due to a lack of appropriate infrastructure, incentive and legal demand.

GloPID-R established the Data Sharing Working Group in 2016 with the aim of developing data sharing systems that can support the research response during public health emergencies. The group seeks to ensure that the principles, tools and approaches developed are valuable to the broader community and therefore seeks engagement with NGOs, software developers, epidemiologists and scientists.

Participating organizations

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, US
  • Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)
  • European Commission (EC)
  • French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS)
  • Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology (KRIBB)
  • National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (NHMRC AU)
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development (ZonMW)
  • Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  • Wellcome Trust

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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101094188.