GloPID-R is an international network of major research funders. Together, we coordinate a rapid research response when a pandemic such as COVID-19 or a severe epidemic strikes such as Zika in Brazil, plague in Madagascar or Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

GloPID-R is also actively involved in systemic preparedness, connecting clinical trial networks, building a framework for data sharing and improving the rapid delivery of research funding.


GloPID-R prepares for upcoming outbreaks by analyzing the current state of knowledge and preparedness and identifying gaps as possible areas for funding. With our international partners, we identify priority areas and create working groups, develop videos and publications, and host workshops on these topics. Together, we are preparing the response to the next epidemic.

Discover the work GloPID-R is doing in advance of the next outbreak.


Evaluating research gaps and making recommendations for funding.

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Clinical Trial Networks

Creating links between clinical trial networks and addressing challenges in capacity building or trial implementation in the midst of a crisis.

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Data Sharing

Building the first international framework to facilitate data sharing during public health emergencies.

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Social Science Research

Raising awareness about the vital role social science research plays in understanding infectious diseases.

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Long-Term Research

Identifying scientific gaps and addressing research challenges through a Long-Term Research Agenda.

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Working to improve the rapid delivery of funds to research projects when a crisis strikes.

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GloPID-R anticipates upcoming epidemics and responds rapidly when an outbreak is of major concern. We facilitate research at the outset of an epidemic to understand and fight emerging or re-emerging pathogens, accelerate results and develop diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.

Discover the actions GloPID-R has taken in relation to recent outbreaks.

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

GloPID-R working with WHO to facilitate and coordinate a rapid research response.

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Aligning with WHO to coordinate rapid funding for urgent research projects.

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Bringing together scientific experts provide research recommendations to 2017 plague outbreak in Madagascar.

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Yellow Fever

This group focused on effectiveness of fractional dosing in 2016 outbreak in Angola.

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When the Zika virus struck, GloPID-R quickly mobilized to produce funding, publications and workshops.

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