Anthropology and Ebola Research in the 2015 West African Epidemic

By Vinh-Kim Nguyen (REACTing) - May 2024

Vinh-Kim Nguyen gives an overview of REACTing’s approach to anthropological research during the 2015 West African Ebola epidemic, demonstrating how clinical trials in outbreak settings offer unique opportunities for social science research. It also highlights the role of anthropologists in the implementation and uptake of clinical trials.

The focus of social sciences in clinical trials is on understanding the contemporary ways in which sociality is constituted. During the trials, the target communities were studied with as much interest as the trial infrastructure. Vinh-Kim highlights that there is no single “community.” There is a need, therefore, for anthropologists to be aware of the integral part they play and how the way in which they study actually engenders change.

The webinar recordings have been edited with the permission of the presenters and their respective working group network members for the purpose of publication on the GloPID-R website.

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