New Release: Roadmap to Data Sharing

This week GloPID-R released it’s “GloPID-R Roadmap for Data Sharing in Public Health Emergencies,” a guide for funders on measures they can take to accelerate research data sharing by their grantees.

New Release: Roadmap to Data Sharing

The GloPID-R Data Sharing Working Group, chaired by Gail Carson of Oxford University, developed this report, using the “Principles of Data Sharing during Public Health Emergencies” as its basis.

The Roadmap presents a strategic framework for funders based on five priorities:

  • Improve funder policies
  • Align tools and strengthen capacity
  • Build trust
  • Influence
  • Strengthen systems

With each of these priorities, the framework identifies the associated challenges and recommendations.

One key recommendation for research funding institutions is to:” Fund improved equitable, multi-disciplinary, multinational, disease networks in advance of public health emergencies (PHEs) with real-time external data sharing requirements.” (page 8)

While this Roadmap is intended for GloPID-R research funders, the information is useful for other institutions especially given that funders need to collaborate with external stakeholders such as national and regional stakeholders in the affected areas.

GloPID-R funders can measure their collective progress against the priorities and recommendations outlined in this roadmap. Individual funders may also choose to use it as a tool for reviewing progress and monitoring their grantees’ activities.

By implementing these recommendations, research funders can play an important role in enhancing public health and research data sharing during PHEs, which can result in significant public health benefit.

This roadmap clearly outlines the main challenges and provides implementable solutions for research funders to accelerate efficient data sharing in PHEs. It is now available for download from the GloPID-R website.

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