Clinical Trial Networks

Various clinical trial networks are being funded by GloPID-R members to ensure a rapid clinical research response to epidemics. The Clinical Trial Networks Working Group (CTN WG) provides the opportunity for these networks to meet regularly and learn about each other’s work.

GloPID-R created the CTN WG in March 2017 under the leadership of Evelyn Depoortere (European Commission) to provide a forum to exchange and share best practices and to identify synergies for future collaboration. This may be either through capacity building, developing tools and standards, or running studies.

The networks already share links via personnel and common ideas and tools, and they will meet more regularly through the CTN WG. The members of the CTN WG are either fully or partially funded by GloPID-R members.

Current Focus Areas:

  • Social science approach
  • Capacity building
  • Data sharing, in close collaboration with the GloPID-R Data Sharing Working Group
  • Ethical, administrative, regulatory and legal barriers (EARL) to research

Working group members

  • Chair, Evelyn Depoortere, European Commission
  • Ross Andrews, APPRISE
  • Steve Webb, APPRISE
  • Bruno Hoen, Caribbean Network
  • Peter Horby, ISARIC
  • Herman Goossens, PREPARE
  • Eric D’Ortenzio, REACTing
  • Yazdan Yazdanpanah, REACTing
  • Trudie Lang, REDe
  • Annelies Wilder-Smith, ZikaPLAN
  • Finnian Hanrahan, European Commission
  • Gail Carson, GloPID-R Secretariat

Clinical Trial Resources