Latest news from the Clinical Trial Networks & Funders (CTN&F) Working Group

The GloPID-R Funders Living Roadmap for Clinical Trial Coordination was officially launched on May 4, 2023 with endorsements from 11 GloPID-R members.

Following publication of the report on the GloPID-R website, the working group is now looking ahead to support funders as they seek to implement the Roadmap’s recommended actions. The group’s future directions include facilitation of cross-learning among funding organizations, in part by drawing advice from funders and other stakeholders already undertaking work aligned with the recommendations.

Several GloPID-R members are already using the Roadmap as a reference document to guide investments and to support potential applicants to calls for funding of clinical trials.

The CTN&F Working Group currently has 48 members: 5 representatives of observer members, 20 representatives of clinical trial networks, and 23 representatives of funders. They developed the Roadmap alongside GloPID-R’s Data Sharing Working Group, observers, and other stakeholders. Thanks to all the individuals who contributed their time and energy to co-produce the Roadmap, which represents a valuable tool for an urgent need to strengthen clinical trial coordination in response to outbreaks.

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