ISCIIIIdentifying diagnostic biomarkers to detect the risk of development of Long-COVID

In March 2022, the article ‘Persistent Overactive Cytotoxic Immune Response in a Spanish Cohort of Individuals with Long-COVID: Identification of Diagnostic Biomarkers’ was published in Frontiers in Immunology by a scientific group from ISCIII.

In this article, the group analysed the usefulness of demographic, clinical, and immunological parameters as diagnostic biomarkers of Long-COVID in one cohort of Spanish individuals who presented signs and symptoms of this syndrome after 49 weeks post-infection, in comparison with individuals who recovered completely in the first 12 weeks after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

As the aetiology behind different clusters of Long-COVID remain undetermined, a greater understanding of the underlying mechanisms is necessary for the prevention, diagnosis, follow-up and rehabilitation of those affected by it.

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