G20 Leaders Reaffirm Commitment to Global Health

G20 leaders met in Osaka on June 28-29, 2019 to address major global economic challenges. They mainly focused on global trade, digital transformation, climate and energy, and inequalities while also recognizing other pressing issues like global health.

Inequalities and ageing societies were also on the agenda of the summit. G20 leaders recognized the importance of promoting active ageing and the need to increase participation in the labor market of youth, women and persons with disabilities.

“Health is a prerequisite for sustainable and inclusive economic growth. […] Recognizing the importance of sustainable financing for health, we will call for greater collaboration between health and finance authorities in accordance with the G20 Shared Understanding on the Importance of UHC Financing in Developing Countries, to which our commitment was affirmed by our Finance and Health Ministers at their Joint Session. We encourage international organizations and all stakeholders to collaborate effectively and we look forward to the upcoming presentation of the global action plan for healthy lives and well-being for all.”

G20 leaders declared: “We are committed to improving public health preparedness and response including strengthening our own core capacities and supporting capacities of other countries in compliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) International Health Regulations (2005). We will support countries suffering from the current Ebola outbreak in Africa, through both timely financial and technical assistance and in line with the central coordination responsibility that WHO has for international responses to health emergencies.”

Leaders adopted a joint declaration at the end of the summit:

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Upcoming G20 Meetings

Health Ministers’ Meeting

October 19-20, 2019, Okayama, Japan

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