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UNGA78: Heads of State approve Political Declaration on Pandemic Readiness

CEPI welcomed the decision by Heads of State to approve the United Nations General Assembly’s political declaration on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. CEPI CEO, Dr Richard Hatchett, released a statement on this important milestone, urging that a multisectoral and collaborative approach to pandemic preparedness is the only way to truly achieve a world safe and secure from future pandemic threats.
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CEPI and Bio Farma partnership boosts rapid response vaccine manufacturing for the Global South

CEPI announced a 10-year partnership with Bio Farma, providing up to US$15 million, to help establish mRNA and viral vector rapid response technologies in Indonesia and the ASEAN region, fast-tracking Bio Farma’s ability to manufacture vaccines for new viral threats. A proportion of Bio Farma’s manufacturing capacity will also be reserved for supply to countries in the Global South in the case of an outbreak. The newly established manufacturing capability and reserved capacity will be key enablers of the 100 Days Mission.
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Oxford and Liverpool scientists launch new vaccine trial for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

A CEPI-funded Phase I clinical trial to advance a vaccine against the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) was launched in September. The trial, which will be led by Prof Sarah Gilbert in collaboration with Oxford Vaccine Group & Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, will be the first to use a ChAdOx1 MERS vaccine in people aged 50-70, who are most in need of protection.
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BioNTech and CEPI announce pPartnership to advance mRNA Mpox vaccine development and support CEPI’s 100 Days Mission

BioNTech and CEPI announced a new strategic partnership to strengthen mRNA-based mpox vaccine development and support CEPI’s 100 Days Mission. The partnership could broaden the portfolio of vaccines available against mpox, while building our understanding of how mRNA technology performs against other Orthopoxviruses. CEPI will fund up to $90 million to support the development of such mRNA-based vaccine candidates.
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CEPI partners with University of California, Davis to advance a vaccine against potentially deadly Rift Valley fever virus into clinical trials

CEPI is funding clinical trials to advance a Rift Valley fever vaccine. With support from the EU Horizon programme, CEPI will invest $28.5 million in trials led by University of California, Davis, in Tanzania to assess the safety and immunogenicity of their Rift Valley fever vaccine candidate in people most at risk of infection.
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