October 2023

Looking forward to the GloPID-R General Assembly in Brazil

We are in the final stages of preparing the 2023 GloPID-R General Assembly, which will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, from October 24 to 26. On behalf of the host organization, I strongly encourage all GloPID-R members and observers to take an active part in this meeting, where questions of critical importance for the future of GloPID-R will be discussed and decided.

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GloPID-R news

Register now: GloPID-R General Assembly 2023

You can still register to attend the 2023 GloPID-R General Assembly in person or online. This year the event will to be hosted by our member FAPESP in São Paulo on October 24-26, 2023.

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A successful launch for the GloPID-R Africa Hub

The GloPID-R Africa Hub was officially launched during a conference on August 22-23 in Cape Town, hosted by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC).

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Update on Pandemic PACT

With a new page on the GloPID-R website and a key meeting of RRNA collaborators held in September, Pandemic PACT is making steady progress towards the launch of its state-of-the-art research tracking tool in late 2023.

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Calling all funders: What is your preferred data source for Pandemic PACT?

The Pandemic PACT team is excited to report that the project is advancing rapidly and is now ready to pull in new data for the new Research Grants Tracker.

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Update from the Clinical Trial Networks & Funders (CTN&F) Working Group

With more and more funders implementing the recommendations set out in the Living Roadmap for Clinical Trial Coordination, a new co-chair and a publication in The Lancet, the GloPID-R CTN&F working group is keeping very busy.

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Strong turnout for roundtable discussion on GloPID-R coordinated funding Initiative

A roundtable to continue our work on a GloPID-R Platform for Coordinated Funding Calls was held on September 4, 2023.

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GloPID-R Secretariat Team members: Our thanks and a warm welcome!

Learn about the recent changes to our team.

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GloPID-R scientists present their work at the International Pandemic Sciences Conference in Oxford

Learn about GloPID-R scientists’ contributions at this inaugural conference in Oxford.

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GloPID-R Report: Lessons learnt from developing and applying research priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Written by the Research Prioritization Sub-group of GloPID-R’s Research in LMICs Working Group, this report contains guidance for funders of scientific research in low-resource settings.

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Final update: A living mapping review for COVID-19 funded research projects

The tenth and final update of the Living Mapping Review was published on Wellcome Open Research in July.

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The value of living evidence during rapidly evolving global health challenges

A conversation between Alice Norton and Adrien Bucher accompanied the final update of the Living Mapping Review.

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How funders can support improved clinical trial practice for outbreaks: Commentary published in The Lancet

A commentary submitted by members of the GloPID-R CTN&F Working Group appeared in The Lancet.

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Member news

ANRS | Emerging Infectious DiseasesUpdates on strategic projects and upcoming events

Learn more about ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases’ activities, partnerships and events including CSA Be Ready, CSA COMEC, MARCAM project and the 11th EDCTP Forum.

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CEPIRead the latest news from CEPI

Learn about CEPI’s partnerships on rapid response vaccine manufacturing, vaccine trials and development and more.

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Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)Health Research Training Platform Funding Opportunity

The CIHR Centre for Research on Pandemic Preparedness and Health Emergencies (CRPPHE) and the Institute of Infection and Immunity (III) are partnering to fund two pools focused on One Health.

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IDRCThe Global South AI for Pandemic & Epidemic Preparedness & Response (AI4PEP) Network – an IDRC funded initiative

The Global South AI4PEP Network, founded in August 2022, is an interdisciplinary initiative that leverages insights from artificial intelligence, clinical public health, One Health and data sciences.

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Pasteur Network

Pasteur Network releases 2021-2022 Report online

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ESSENCE on Health Research

Catch up with the latest podcasts in the Global Health Matters series hosted by Garry Aslanyan.

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WHOPublic Health and Social Measures initiative

Participate in 2nd public survey to set a global research agenda on Public Health and Social Measures (PHSM)
The World Health Organization’s multi-year PHSM initiative is conducting a 15-minute public survey (available in English, Spanish and French) to identify priorities for a global research agenda on Public Health and Social Measures during health emergencies.

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Funding calls

ISIDOReOpen Call for Proposals: Free Access to ISIDORe facilities

To help prevent future pandemics, and advance the development of appropriate medical countermeasures, the ISIDORe preparedness programme includes a priority list of epidemic-prone preparedness pathogens clustered into four calls for proposals…

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CEPIUsing “human challenge” studies in the hunt for virus-blocking vaccines

CEPI has an open Call for Proposals which aims to build a consortium to conduct Controlled Human Infection Models (CHIM) for betacoronaviruses and to perform vaccine trials using the established CHIM. The program will be co-funded by the European Union.

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GloPID-R General Assembly

GloPID-R members and observers are invited to register for our General Assembly which will be hosted by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in Brazil from October 24 to 26, 2023.

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Eleventh EDCTP Forum

The 11th EDCTP Forum will take place in Paris on November 7-10, 2023 featuring plenary presentations by keynote speakers, abstract-based sessions of oral and poster presentations, scientific symposia, sponsored satellite sessions, and workshops.

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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101094188.