Agenda Available for Clinical Research Preparedness Meeting

The world’s leading scientists on conducting clinical research during epidemics will be presenting at “Reaching Out: A Meeting to Advance Clinical Research Preparedness During Infectious Disease Outbreaks” taking place in Brussels, Belgium on September 20-21, 2018. Some of the notable speakers will be Dame Sally Davies, Jean-Jacques Muyembe (INRB), Janet Diaz (WHO), Marion Koopmans (PREPARE, COMPARE), and Peter Horby (PREPARE, ISARIC, ALERRT).

To provide attendees with a productive and dynamic experience, the meeting’s format will be a mixture of presentations, panel discussions, and debates. Some of the topics covered will be barriers and solutions to clinical research during an infectious disease outbreak, influenza, Ebola, and working together.

Some of the leading initiatives in regards to infectious disease preparedness and response will be speaking and attending this meeting include ALERRT, APPRISE, COMPARE, GOARN, and ISARIC. This meeting is being co-hosted by PREPARE and GloPID-R.

The event will interest anyone involved in outbreak preparedness: clinicians, researchers, patient groups, regulators, public health, administrators, funders, and ethics advisory groups.

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