Save the Date: Launch of Pandemic PACT on 20 March 2024

A special event hosted by the Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford, and GloPID-R will mark the official launch of the Pandemic PACT Programme.


Pandemic PACT (the Pandemic Analytical Capacity and Funding Tracking Programme) is an innovative new programme to track data about research funding and evidence for a wide range of diseases with outbreak potential and broader preparedness activities, in alignment with the WHO priority diseases.  

Pandemic PACT will be of great value to all those interested in improving preparedness and response to future outbreaks: funders, researchers, policymakers, international stakeholders in the academic and policy communities, and beyond. The programme will build and expand on the achievements and lessons learnt from the UKCDR and GloPID-R COVID-19 Research Project Tracker and the COVID CIRCLE initiative to ensure that we are better prepared for future outbreaks.

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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101094188.