Research Council of Norway

This call is based on the recent research priorities defined by the WHO and, in order to foster large-scale studies, international collaboration with research groups including those funded by GloPID-R members is encouraged.


The scope of the proposals may include different topics:

  • Epidemiological observational studies
  • Clinical observational studies
  • Registry-based follow-up of critically ill patients
  • National clinical trials that are embedded in international multi-centre clinical trials
  • Public health response and social countermeasures
  • Supporting healthcare system response including infection prevention and control, including best practice to protect health care workers
  • Other research projects related to cooperation across sectors that encompass e.g. education, public transport and economic impacts.

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  • Call budget: NOK 30M
  • Call opens: March 09, 2020
  • Application deadline: March 16, 2020
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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874667.