GloPID-R Funders Living Roadmap for Clinical Trial Coordination

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CEPI – International

CEPI has opened a call for proposals to rapidly develop and manufacture a proven vaccine approach that can be used against 2019-nCoV.

The rapid global spread and unique epidemiological characteristics of the novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV – now declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the World Health Organization (WHO) – remain deeply concerning.

In coordination with WHO, as it leads the development of a coordinated international response, CEPI is promoting the development of new vaccines against the emerging threat of 2019-nCoV virus.

The new rolling call seeks to fund vaccine technologies which can advance an effective vaccine against the disease – with the aim to develop and test candidates at speed.

Full request for proposal

  • Application deadline: February 14, 2020
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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874667.