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Call for proposals: Collaborative Projects relating to Antimicrobial Resistance from a One Health Perspective

In 2021 the Research Council of Norway launched a call for proposals to generate new knowledge about measures that can help us to understand, address and prevent the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) from a One Health perspective, both in Norway and internationally.

This encompasses the perspectives of public health, animal health, food production and the natural environment to understand the impact of various measures aimed at preventing or reducing the development and spread of AMR. Applications must be aligned with at least two sectors (public health, animal health, food and/or the natural environment) to meet the criteria of a One Health perspective.

In collaboration with other countries, it is essential for Norway to promote research and innovation at the national and international level. The AMR situation in Norway is favourable in an international context, but travel and trade in animals and food across national borders contributes to the import of AMR. Norway, in collaboration with countries in similar situations, should promote research and innovation that can address our specific challenges. We must also support skills and knowledge building in countries that have not come as far in their work on AMR to strengthen their health preparedness and improve the AMR situation at the global level.

The call is open to approved Norwegian research organizations in collaboration with non-research organizations from Norway and/or developing countries (LLMIC countries), India and China.

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  • Call budget: NOK 60M
  • Application deadline: February 9, 2022
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