Our Preparedness Work

Social science research is necessary to understand how infectious diseases emerge, are transmitted and spread. However, its integration into preparing and responding to outbreaks is often missing.

GloPID-R created the Funders’ Forum for Social Science Research (Funders’ Forum) as a platform to create dynamic partnerships and propel research in this area.

New Report Available

The Funders’ Forum has published its report “Towards people-centered epidemic preparedness and response: from knowledge to action”. This publication provides a strategic roadmap to address knowledge, infrastructure and funding gaps and accelerate capacity development and innovation.

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Working Group

Funders’ Forum aims to:

  • Raise awareness for the need to invest in social science research on infectious diseases
  • Promote and coordinate international social science research investments
  • Support funders who are interested in making their first investments in this area
  • Showcase the value of social science research to internal and external stakeholders


Interested in learning more or in joining the Funders’ Forum? Please contact Morgan Lay.

Working Group Participants

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Steven J. Hoffman


Wellcome Trust

João Rangel de Almeida

Vice Chair

African Academy of Sciences

Michelle Brear

Health Foundation

Usha Bookaky


Margaret Charleroy

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Morgan Lay

European Commission

Julia Molto-Lopez

South Africa Medical Research Council

Marian Loveday

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

Jo Mulligan

Gates Foundation

Danielle Pedi