Our work – Test

Together we are preparing the response to the next infectious disease outbreak.

How we work

GloPID-R facilitates coordination and information sharing among major global funding organizations through our working groups, guidance, tools, and multiple resources.

Our milestones

Current Projects

Pandemic PACT

We are launching a powerful new tracker of research funding and evidence in late 2023 as part of PACT, the Pandemic Analytical Capacity and Funding Tracking Program.

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Coordinated funding mechanism

GloPID-R members are coming together to prepare a coordinated funding mechanism to invest in cross-cutting research focused on pandemic preparedness.

Clinical trial focus

The Funders Living Roadmap provides guidance and supports funders as they implement its goals, principles and recommended actions to improve clinical trial coordination.

Our Working Groups

Our working groups focus on topics of current interest for the research funding community. Based on careful analysis, they develop solutions and suggest actions to ensure efficient, balanced investment in priority research areas.

Prior Working Groups

Once a working group’s objectives have been met, the group of experts is disbanded. The reports and other deliverables it has produced remain available on the GloPID-R RESOURCES page.

Our Regional Hubs

GloPID-R’s regional hub strategy focuses on regional research priorities, capacity building and funder engagement. A total of four hubs are planned. Each regional hub works closely with the Central Secretariat to ensure alignment with the GloPID-R prioritiesand to support better coordination and efficiency of research activities.

While resource-limited countries are more vulnerable to outbreaks of diseases with epidemic and pandemic potential, they are often less equipped to prepare for and respond to them. GloPID-R’s hub approach is intended to help address the outbreak preparedness and response challenges specific to each region by taking into account their unique needs and gaps.

Outbreak response activity

When an infectious disease outbreak occurs, our international network brings together research funders to facilitate a coordinated, rapid research response. During “peace time,” GloPID-R members and partners work together to anticipate and consolidate pandemic preparedness. Since 2014, our international alliance of research funders has mobilized global funders during several major outbreaks.

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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101094188.