April 2019

Strengthening partnerships and advancing priorities

Social science shapes our daily lives without us necessarily being aware of it. Without it, we would not have important research about the impact of smoking while pregnant, the deleterious effects that unemployment and poverty can have on society, or the link to human behaviors that address the causes of disease emergence, transmission, and spread. This important research, like all research, needs to be funded and supported to continue to provide necessary data. Through GloPID-R, there is now a Social Science Research Funders Forum on Infectious Diseases to do just that.

The Funders’ Forum was created in 2016 in response to the Ebola and Zika epidemics and currently includes the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the European Commission, the Department for International Development, the South Africa Medical Research Council, and Wellcome. The main priorities for this forum are to raise awareness about the need to invest in social science research and coordinate international investments in this area.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains a great concern and concerted efforts continue to understand it. For example, SoNAR-Global and GOARN-Research Social Sciences have collaborated to develop a map of social sciences research conducted for the Ebola Response in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and neighboring countries. The interactive maps show social sciences research conducted by IFRC, UNICEF, WHO, MSF and the SSHAP, among many others, and offer a vision of where and what kinds of research efforts are taking place. More information about this the Funders’ Forum and this exciting research project can be found in this newsletter.

GloPID-R continues to remain a helpful partner in advancing our knowledge of Ebola by partnering in studies. For example, a randomized controlled trial evaluating EVD treatments efficacy and safety started at the end of November 2018. This is a four-arm study aiming at becoming multi-country, multi-year, and multi epidemic. The experimental drugs include an antiviral medicine and three monoclonal antibodies. The trial will compare the efficacy of the four experimental treatments against each other. As Benjamin Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With this axiom in mind, GloPID-R is also interested in studying second vaccine candidates in preparation for all the scenarios related to the deadly EVD.

With all the work needed to prepare a rapid response, GloPID-R is preparing to host its 2019 General Assembly in Japan from May 13-14, 2019. The world’s funders of research related to infectious diseases will share the latest research results from their funded infectious diseases projects, work together of future funding priorities, and set the goals and agenda for the upcoming year. The Funders’ Forum for Social Science Research and Data Sharing Working Group will also be hosting a side event during the General Assembly.

We look forward to sharing with our GloPID-R stakeholders the results of this meeting as together we prepare to release funds to the urgent research needs related to infectious diseases.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey Mphahlele

GloPID-R Activities

2019 General Assembly

Major research funders will attend the 2019 GloPID-R General Assembly that will be held in Tokyo, Japan on May 13-14, 2019.

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Leading Institution to Join the GloPID-R Membership

GloPID-R is pleased to welcome the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw), represented by Suzanne Verver, into the network.

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Funders’ Forum for Social Science Research on Infectious Diseases

GloPID-R mobilizes funders interested in advancing the important work of Social Science Research through its Funders’ Forum and a new mapping initiative.

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Clinical Trial Networks (CTN)

For this edition’s Clinical Trial Network (CTN) member highlight, we’re happy to share how PANDORA plays a vital role in sub-Saharan Africa’s capacity to respond to outbreaks.

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Member Highlight

For this month’s member highlight, we’re pleased to share the work of South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC).

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Some of the latest articles and research on infectious diseases published by GloPID-R stakeholders.

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GloPID-R Member Activities

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)Global Governance Research in Infectious Diseases – Learn more about Canadian efforts

The CIHR’s Institute of Population and Public Health and the CIHR’s Institute of Infection and Immunity hosted a strengthening workshop at York University, Toronto, Canada, on February 26, 2019 on Global Governance Research in Infectious Diseases (GGRID).

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Japan Agency for Medical Research and DevelopmentJapan-UK Workshop on Infectious Disease Research held in Tokyo

The Japan-UK Workshop on Infectious Disease Research was held in Tokyo on 21-22 January 2019. The workshop, organized by AMED and the UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) in cooperation with the British Embassy in Tokyo, involved 24 scientists carrying out research in infectious diseases.

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Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

The global coalition is expanding its vaccine portfolio to include Chikungunya and Rift Valley fever, two emerging infectious diseases with epidemic potential.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Department for International Development, and Wellcome

£4.5 million award for clinical research consortium to tackle the global threat of epidemic infectious diseases.

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Check out the Australian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infectious Disease Emergencies (APPRISE) latest newsletter and find out the latest infectious disease research and publications going on in this area of the world.

Upcoming Events

European Congress of Virology 2019

April 28 – May 1, 2019
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) Scientific Days: A Conference Without Borders

May 9-10, 2019
London, UK / online

OPTIONS X for the Control of Influenza

International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Virus Diseases Singapore

August 28 – September 1, 2019

19th International Congress on Infectious Diseases

International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID)

February 20-23, 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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