Data Sharing Principles: Open for Consultation

The Data Sharing Principles were developed by the GloPID-R Data Sharing Working Group as the first step in the framework to be used in building a data sharing system. These principles have been developed to underpin the timely sharing of data by all stakeholders, which an effective and efficient response to a public health emergency (PHE) demands.

When stakeholders commit to sharing data, they leverage limited resources and reduce duplication of work and the delay between identification of a PHE and the mounting of an effective coordinated response strategy. This overall approach to data sharing will better prepare the world for future disease outbreaks and public health emergencies.

GloPID-R now invites all stakeholders – researchers, responders and other agencies – to read and provide comments on the Data Sharing Principles. All comments received during this period will be considered and reviewed by the Data Sharing Working Group, and a revised version will then be published.

Data Sharing Principles


Deadline to respond: May 26, 2017


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