BMC Medicine publishes ‘Ending COVID-19: progress and gaps in research – highlights of the July 2020 GloPID-R COVID-19 Research Synergies Meetings’

An article entitled ‘Ending COVID-19: progress and gaps in research—highlights of the July 2020 GloPID-R COVID-19 Research Synergies Meetings’ and covering the content and conclusions of the GloPID-R Research Synergies Meetings was published in BMC Medicine on October 29, 2020.

The authors of the article, the meeting co-chairs1 and members of the COVID-19 Research GloPID-R Synergies Meeting Working Group2, detail the points covered by presenters and participants and the subjects explored during the four meeting sessions:

  • Ending COVID-19: vaccines
  • Ending COVID-19: therapeutics
  • Preparing for a second wave: understanding transmission and how to stop COVID-19
  • Social sciences research in COVID-19

They conclude that: “A combination of behavioural changes, enhanced public health response, protection of vulnerable populations, accessible diagnostics and interventions and equitable access to effective therapeutics and vaccines, supported by policy research, is the only way forward………. If even one country is not safe, the rest of the world will not be safe.”

1Anita Zaidi, Melanie Saville, Debra Yeskey, Glenda Gray, Valdiléa Veloso, Marion Koopmans, David Fisman, Kristy Crooks & Kenneth Camargo

2Geneviève Boily-Larouche, Gail Carson, Josie Golding, Evelyn Depoortere, João Rangel de Almeida, Richard Vaux, Giuseppe Paparella, Danielle Vitali, Deborah Khursigara, Claire Madelaine, A. Morgan Lay, Barbara Kerstiëns, Yazdan Yazdanpanah & Charu Kaushic

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The GloPID-R Secretariat is a project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101094188.