Members of the new Executive Board look forward to working together to advance the coordination of international research funders

Following the official handover to our new GloPID-R Executive Board on February 13 (announced in the February 2024 GloPID-R Newsletter) the new Board members share personal insights on being elected and the value that GloPID-R can bring to the global funders’ community.

The new Board met virtually on April 8 and made its way through a full agenda. Soon the Chair and Co-Chairs will be able to deliberate in person as they attend a two-day Board meeting in early July. The Wellcome Trust, a longstanding GloPID-R member, has graciously offered to host this meeting in their offices in London, providing the perfect setting for the Board to work together to address the challenges and opportunities facing our funders’ alliance.



Mongezi Mdhluli
Chief Research Operations Officer
South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)
South Africa

“As a representative of the South African Medical Research Council, which aims to conduct and fund research to promote the improvement of the health of the people in South Africa, I am honoured to be elected onto the new GloPID-R Board. I am equally honoured by the confidence and trust of my fellow Board members for nominating me as the Chair. I am looking forward to a good working relationship with the Board, GloPID-R’s members, observers, Secretariat, and all our stakeholders.”



Elizabeth (Libby) Higgs
Associate Director, Strategic Research Partnerships
Division of Clinical Research
USG Health and Human Services Representative, Office of Global Affairs

“I look forward to working with the Board and GloPID-R members to facilitate the future of rigorous research. After the COVID-19 pandemic, a clear vision emerged of strong global research systems that advance prevention and care for endemic disease while supporting readiness for outbreak and epidemic research response. GloPID-R has a chance to bring added value to help realize this vision.”

Anna Kinsey
Head of Programme, Epidemic Preparedness
Operational lead, Infections and Immunity Board
Medical Research Council

“I am honoured to have been elected to GloPID-R’s Board. I look forward to working with fellow members and the Secretariat to advance progress in epidemic preparedness and response through initiatives to facilitate international research coordination on behalf of the membership.”

Hervé Raoul
Deputy Director
ANRS | Emerging infectious diseases (ANRS MIE)

“ANRS MIE has always been a strong supporter of the GloPID-R network and activities and, as such, I’m delighted to become a new Board Member and confirm our continuous support. I’m convinced of the importance of working together to present a common front against epidemics, and I hope that my professional experience, as well as the strong involvement of the ANRS MIE in two CSAs (Be Ready and CoMeCT) will enrich the reflections and perspectives for action with the members of the network. I look forward to collaborating with fellow experts to address global health challenges and contribute to impactful research initiatives.”

Kathleen Victoir
Senior Scientific Officer
Scientific Cooperation and Training
Pasteur Network

“I am honoured to be part of the GloPID-R Board and to apply my Pasteur Network experience in the service of the wider community. Indeed, to build research capacity in an equitable way to better prepare and respond to infectious disease outbreaks has been at the heart of my career. The Pasteur Network being a strong supporter of coordinated investments, I am looking forward to continuing collaborative actions to better prevent the next epidemic.”

Barbara Kerstiëns
Ex-officio member representing the European Commission
Head of Unit, Research & Innovation DG, European Commission

Barbara Kerstiëns first joined the GloPID-R Board in 2018. With her experience and know-how, she greatly helped navigate the transition to the new Board in February 2024. She retired from the European Commission and the GloPID-R Board on June 1.

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