Global Health EDCTP3 Response to the Mpox outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

On April 13 2024, a High-Level Emergency Regional Meeting was held in Kinshasa to discuss the latest outbreak of Mpox in the DRC and the potential risk of transmission to neighbouring countries and beyond. On the same day, the Ministry of Health of the DRC assessed the situation and considered the ongoing outbreak as a public health emergency requiring a rapid and efficacious response.

Considering the increasing numbers of cases and the growing public health risk posed by the outbreak, Global Health EDCTP3 activated its emergency funding mechanism on April 30. It pooled resources up to €6.5 million to launch an emergency call for proposals to support research and innovation projects that would advance the understanding of the ongoing Mpox epidemic in the DRC, contribute to the development of new vaccines and treatments, and improve surveillance strategies.

The call for proposals, which opened on May 14 2024 and closed on May 29 2024, received 17 project proposals, involving 77 partners from 35 countries. These proposals are currently being evaluated by independent experts with expedited timelines. The grant agreement preparations for selected research projects should start early July.





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