Co-Chairs Recommendations provide guidance for members and help engage the global funders community

When the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) completed its work in May 2021, the GloPID-R Co-Chairs met to carefully consider its findings and draw up recommendations for members based on the SAG Report.

The GloPID-R Co-Chairs Recommendations following the 2021 GloPID-R Scientific Advisory Report are publicly available on our website, together with the report, in the hope that they will serve to engage the global community and promote coordinated actions among the major funders of pandemic preparedness and response research.

The Co-Chairs identified 3 key priorities to guide actions and planning for the next 24 months:

  • Expansion of the strategic focus to preparedness and response in Low- and Middle- Income Countries (LMICs) in addition to the ongoing work of our established working groups;
  • Development of a model for coordinated funding and adoption of “scenario- independent” research priorities identified by the SAG, beyond the scope of the 2020 WHO & GloPID-R COVID-19 research roadmap;
  • Efforts to align priorities with the anticipated 2021 WHO COVID-19 R&D Roadmap with a particular focus on: research on assessment of variants, research on a One-Health approach, research to improve access to vaccines, therapeutics and truly novel concepts not covered by market forces and social sciences research.

The recommendations are intended to be considered in complement to the anticipate drevised WHO COVID-19 research agenda to guide decisions.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) were selected for the breadth ofexperience relating to GloPID-R’s mission and were asked to provide recommendations on areas of importance for research funding.

GloPID-R Co-Chairs Recommendations following the 2021 GloPID-R Scientific Advisory Group report

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