Clinical Trials Network Working Group (CTN WG)-5

Following the Zika research workshop in Sao Paulo in December 2016, during which different clinical trial networks funded by GloPID-R members were presented, some momentum was gained for promoting further collaboration between these networks. Just a few months later, the GloPID-R General Assembly of March 2017 approved the establishment of a working group on clinical trial networks (CTN WG).

The CTN WG aims at promoting synergy and collaboration between the clinical trial networks funded by GloPID-R members. The first activities of the WG focused on a mapping exercise of the activities of each of the networks to facilitate identifying potential areas of collaboration. The result of this mapping exercise is available on the CTN WG webpage.

In addition, two webinars have been organized, and a third one is planned for this summer. Those webinars are addressing:

  • the use of social sciences in clinical trials,
  • capacity building activities of the networks, and
  • data sharing experiences in the different networks.

The webinars are available on the webpage of the CTN WG. The webinar on data sharing is organized in collaboration with the GloPID-R Data Sharing Working Group.

Also, the CTN WG had a face-to-face meeting in Lisbon in May 2017, where WG members were kindly invited by the Platform for European Preparedness against (Re-)emerging Epidemics (PREPARE) to participate as an observer during the workshop on outbreak clinical research response modes.

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