Clinical Trial Networks Working Group (CTN WG)

The Clinical Trial Networks Working Group (CTN WG) has released two new webinars on the importance of data sharing during public health emergencies (PHE). Both webinars are now available for download on the GloPID-R website.

One of the key action items of building a common framework for data sharing during a PHE is to support a scientific research response. The first webinar is presented by Katherine Littler (Wellcome Trust), Data Sharing Working Group Chair, describes how the group is responding to the mandate for change in PHEs, initiated in September 2015 by the WHO consensus meeting.

The second webinar provides some reflections on data sharing, sample sharing and data transparency from the perspective of Thomas Jänisch, a researcher who is responsible for the cross-cutting work package on harmonization and data sharing for the three EU-funded Zika consortia.

Previous webinar topics include:

  • The use of social sciences in clinical trials, covering the mapping of ethical, administrative, regulatory and logistical (EARL) barriers and solutions for pandemic-relevant clinical studies in Europe, and the role of anthropology in Ebola research during the 2015 West African epidemic.
  • Some examples of capacity building activities carried out by the networks.

The CTN WG also developed a user-friendly web page on clinical trial networks to highlight each network’s activities and find areas of collaboration. Users can find short description of each of the networks, as well as their activities in specific areas such as the clinical trials they are running, what they are doing on capacity building, do they have activities related to data sharing or to addressing EARL barriers.

More interaction and resources are planned for the future with the finalization and approval of the work plan.

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