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Latest long read from CEPI examines how climate change increases pandemic risk


CEPI’s Chief Scientific Writer Kate Kelland explores the interconnection between two of the biggest existential risks that threaten our way of life: climate change and pandemics. The piece examines how the changing climate is expanding the range of disease-carrying animals, fuelling spillover events, and accelerating the emergence of Disease X. And also argues why, despite these challenges, there is still reason for hope.

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CEPI and Global Health Investment Corporation (GHIC) collaborate to advance vaccine R&D for emerging infectious diseases

CEPI and GHIC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance cooperation in the fields of vaccine research, development, manufacturing and stockpiling. This new collaboration will support both CEPI and GHIC to deliver on their respective missions by fostering closer scientific and technical cooperation in pursuit of their common goals.

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International partnership supports vaccine research to prevent future outbreaks

The Government of Canada has pledged CA$100 million to boost CEPI’s fight against epidemics and pandemics. This investment also supports a new partnership between the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and CEPI to provide CA$2.7 million in grant funding to five Canadian researchers to pursue projects that will help prepare for future epidemic and pandemic threats.

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CEPI is seeking a partnership to help leverage West Africa’s research ecosystem in support of regional vaccine R&D against disease outbreaks

In a new Request for Proposals, CEPI is seeking a partnership to prepare clinical trial sites for a first-ever Phase 3 Lassa fever vaccine efficacy trial, starting in 2024, while also developing a strategy to support and enable long-term epidemic research preparedness against both known and unknown diseases in West Africa.

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CEPI seeks to fast-track vaccine manufacturing in response to a new disease outbreak

Through a new Call for Proposals, CEPI is seeking to speed up the manufacturing of vaccines, a critical enabler of the 100 Days Mission. CEPI will identify and advance manufacturing innovations and technologies that can accelerate the time required to produce vaccines, so that they can be made more rapidly available for clinical trials and initial emergency use during future outbreaks of diseases with epidemic or pandemic potential.

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CEPI outlines vision for achieving equitable access and explores the urgent need to re-engineer the global health security system to put equity first

CEPI has published its Equitable Access Framework, accompanied by a blog authored by CEO Richard Hatchett, which describe CEPI’s overall approach to enabling equitable access and outline the systemic changes needed to build a global pandemic preparedness and response capability that delivers more equitable outcomes.

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